I want to update a SP boolean column on an ItemAdding event receiver. I want to set the "Hide physical URLs from search" column (PublishingIsFurlPage) to Yes.

My code look like this :

  public override void ItemAdding(SPItemEventProperties properties)
     EventFiringEnabled = false;

     properties.AfterProperties["PublishingIsFurlPage"] = "1";

     EventFiringEnabled = true;


It does nothing event if I used "True", "TRUE", true instead of "1".

Anyone have an idea how to set this boolean column ?


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Using AfterProperties is generally not the approach I go with, since it's often buggy/not behaving the way we expect (see for instance Working with BeforeProperties and AfterProperties on SPItemEventReceiver).

First thing, why do you use ItemAdding? In your case, wouldn't ItemAdded -in an asynchronous ER- be more suited?

In an ItemAdded, I'd then have no problem to run this code:

base.EventFiringEnabled = false;
SPListItem item = properties.ListItem;
item["PublishingIsFurlPage"] = true;
base.EventFiringEnabled = true;

If you want to continue on with ItemAdding, here are two things to check:

  1. For a Yes/No field, assign the boolean true, not the string "1", "True" or anything else.
  2. Be sure you use the internal name of the field.
  • Thanks. I already try your solution in ItemAdded but I've always got the The file Pages/sss.aspx has been modified by SHAREPOINT\system. Very frustrating. Any idea ? When I do not trace the ItemAdded, I don't have this erreur but the boolean is not even set.
    – user41391
    Apr 14, 2015 at 15:55
  • There may be another ER linked to your list. This is a publishing page in the Pages doc lib? Or the page may be created, your ER triggers, but at the same time the page is checked-out for editing... For a test, you can try to get a new fresh SPListItem, not from properties.ListItem, but with SPListItem item = properties.List.GetItemById(properties.ListItemId).
    – Evariste
    Apr 14, 2015 at 16:06
  • I try SPListItem item = properties.List.GetItemById(properties.ListItemId) and I got the same error. Yes, the file is checked out and it's a publishing page from the page doc lib.
    – user41391
    Apr 14, 2015 at 16:12
  • Then, the simplest/best/fastest/etc. option may be to have that ER on the checked-in event. Is this an option?
    – Evariste
    Apr 14, 2015 at 17:03
  • It's not a good option for what we do. I have no solution :(
    – user41391
    Apr 14, 2015 at 17:19

That's the solution :

using (SPWeb web = properties.OpenWeb())
                     bool oldUnsafeUpdates = web.AllowUnsafeUpdates;
                     web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true;

                     SPList list = web.Lists.TryGetList("Pages");

                     SPListItem item = list.GetItemById(properties.ListItemId);

                     item["PublishingIsFurlPage"] = true;

                     web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = false;

Edit Work when adding one document. The second one give me the error The file Pages/z.aspx has been modified by SHAREPOINT\system


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