I have a fully customized SharePoint form by Infopath, I'm using a customized button to perform the submission.

I need to make the file name(or Name column) to be 'AAA1', 'AAA2', 'AAA3' and so on. I have a field that displaying the file name in the form as well.

In the button, I added one rule:

  1. Submit data using data connection.
  2. Rename the field to 'AAA' + @ID.

But I can't get the @ID from the available fields. I only can see those fields that I added in the form, but not the default columns like Name, Title, ID.

How can I use those columns?


ID in SharePoint list will be available after item is saved to the list. Anyway there are a few solutions in this case. You can change your rule in this way: 1. Query the list with new data connection - Get ID's in DESC order from the list 2. Select ID - it will be last ID value in this case 3. Add 1 to last ID. 4. Set field name. Regards

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