My apologies if this type of question has asked many times in the past.

I have an Excel file and create a connection by Data->From Other Sources->From oData Data Feed. (I can alternatively create a connection via PowerPivot->Manage->From Data Service->From oData Data Feed)

I then create my Pivot Table or Pivot Chart according to the many tutorials available online. I then upload the Excel file to SharePoint Online. (Or SP 2013 On-Prem) I am able to view the spreadsheet via Excel Web App. Great.

However, when I attempt to refresh the data, it gives me an error.

An error occurred while working on the Data Model in the workbook. Please try again. 
We were unable to refresh one or more data connections in this workbook. 

The following connections failed to refresh: DataFeed_3_nntechsolutions-sharepoint-com items Hide technical details

Connection: DataFeed_3_nntechsolutions-sharepoint-com items 
Error: Errors in the high-level relational engine. The following exception occurred while the managed IDbCommand interface was being used: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.. 
An error occurred while processing table 'items'. 
The current operation was cancelled because another operation in the transaction failed.

Some pertinent information. I have an Office 365 Developer Subscription. The Spreadsheet was created using Excel 2013 as part of the Office 2013 Pro Plus suite.

Also, I am having a difficult time getting this to work with SharePoint 2013 On-Prem. Same type of thing. I create the Spreadsheet, upload, and am able to view it. But I cannot refresh it. I've tried the whole Application Id route with SSS and Excel Services but no dice!

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