In my organization they ask to doing the task.

I explained to the people that we can’t connect to remote SharePoint url and work, we need SharePoint 2010 server to be installed in the local machine.

I researched the result value is null,

They asking to try in another method like

  • SharePoint Redistributable,
  • SharePoint SDK.

Are there any possible ways to connect the remote SharePoint 2010 server with the local system?


The method that works best if you have a powerful enough pc (quad core with 16 gig of ram) is to use hyper-v to set up a VM running SharePoint and Visual Studio. You can follow these TechNet instructions - SharePoint 2010 Setup a Development Environment. Failing that and without going down the path of sandbox solutions you have very little choice other than running Visual Studio on the same machine as SharePoint though I must reiterate that this should NOT be done on a production machine.


If you're using Visual Studio 2010, it's not possible. But if you use Visual Studio 2012 or 2013 you can publish Sandboxed Solutions to a SharePoint Farm. I don't really know if it works on SharePoint 2010, but it's worth a try.

Your second option would be to use SharePoint Designer 2010, but that limits you to client side technologies.


Microsoft have deprecated support for Sandbox code solutions. You only have 1 choice for farm development and that is to install VS on a SharePoint server. Link

I would not recommend installing it on a production server. If you need to do development on SharePoint then you would be better looking at Virtualization.

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