I have a problem related to the file upload into SharePoint.

When a user tries to upload that is ~ 5MB, everything is OK, the file is getting uploaded and the user can use the file.

In the case of a file over 10MB, the browser never gets to upload completely the file, and finally gets a timeout from the server.

  • The web.config of the web application is OK. (executionTimeout="999999" and maxRequestLength="51200")
  • The web application allows files under 50MB to be uploaded.
  • The LAYOUTS web.config is OK for the Upload.aspx location. (executionTimeout="999999" and maxRequestLength="2097151")
  • I am in a local environment, so the transfer is really quick (1000mbits)

I have fairly complex environment :

  • 2 WFE
  • 2 APP Servers
  • FBA Authentication through Claims
  • Novel Access Manager for the SSO
  • 2 Domain names for the same web application (Web Application extension, no Alternate access mapping)

What am I doing wrong ? Is there an element in the config that I am missing ? I would understand if that was about the max upload size. In my case I don't even want to extend the max upload size, I just want it to be respected !

I am at my limits concerning that, and I would really love an answer on that one !

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The problem was in fact a timeout with the Novell Access Manager. Not related at all to SharePoint! No intervention on the SharePoint server!

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