We use Powershell with CSOM to remove and provision site collections in SharePoint Online during the development phase. We use the Powershell commands provided by the PnP team like this:

Connect-SPOnline -Url $tenantAdministrationUrl -Credentials $credentials         
Remove-SPOTenantSite -Url $PortalSiteCollectionUrl -SkipRecycleBin
Start-Sleep 15;
Connect-SPOnline -Url $tenantAdministrationUrl  -Credentials $credentials
New-SPOTenantSite -Title $PortalSiteCollectiontTitle -Url $PortalSiteCollectionUrl -Owner $PortalOwnerAlias -Lcid $PortalLanguageId -Template $PortalSiteTemplateName -TimeZone 3 -RemoveDeletedSite

Sometimes the site collections are removed but they somehow still is available in the background as I can't create new site collections at the same url, not by Powershell and not by using the UI. I have also looked in the trash bin for site collections and they are not there either. It's like they are ghost site collections.

Have anyone else experienced this and found a solution for removing them?

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Have you tried using Get-SPODeletedSite, and if you found anything there run the Remove-SPODeletedSite? This should surely remove any deleted site making the URL available for a new site.

But there may still be references which needs to be removed by a Timer Job. These timer jobs are unfortunately inaccessible to us, and I usually wait to the next hour before I create a new site with the same URL. In the worst case, I had to wait 24 hours before I could proceed.

Unfortunately, we can't force timer jobs to run in an Office 365/SharePoint Online environment. See SharePoint Online Timer Job reference:

Since the timer jobs are managed by Microsoft and no option for users to adjust timer job configuration in SharePoint Online

  • Yep it must have been the timer job issue as I can create a new site collection now. Apr 8, 2015 at 13:12

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