I have 3 lists A, B and C in the same site and i have to make a View joining them and generate few dynamic columns:

Columns of A: Title (Indexed), Util(number)
Columns of B: Title, Title_A (Lookup), Date (Date), Used(number) - no. of util used
Columns of C: Title, Title_A (Lookup)

For a view i can easily join all the rows and see the entries, but the conditions are:

  1. A join B should bring only latest values in B for A
  2. If B has no values for A then it should bring join with "Used" value as 0 and "Date" value as "01/01/0001" (Default .NET Date value)

Dynamic Columns:
Blank columns per row with background color or image depending upon the following condition

  1. Util Status: If "Used"(List B) > "Util"(List A) --> "red" else "green"
  2. C_Entry: If List C has any entry for A --> "green" else "red"
  3. Last Date: If latest "Date" after Join > 7 days old --> "red" else "green"
  4. Link: Image Button with links to "Linked.aspx?Parameter=["ID"(List A)]" page

How can i achieve this with best performance?

Note: This view can contain thousands of elements.
Restrictions: I cannot use rest services or CSOM as the services are not accessible to users but can use server side scripting (if required).

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Other option will be to use designer workflow.

Add the columns you require in List A and whenever any item get added/updated in List B or List C, use a workflow to update the values in List A as per your requirement. For dynamic columns use calculated columns.

  • Thank you. I was also thinking of the same thing but the only thing i was worried about was the massive amount of data i will have to store per list item and then the enormous amount of cases i will have to handle with the event receiver. But i guess this would work fine. Anyway is there any case in which i can save the space consumed by storage of redundant data in LIst A from B and C?
    – animat089
    Commented Apr 8, 2015 at 16:14

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