All my pages are having the urls

www.domain.com/mysiteName/sitepages/Home.aspx www.domain.com/mysiteName/sitepages/1.aspx www.domain.com/mysiteName/sitepages/2.aspx www.domain.com/mysiteName/sitepages/3.aspx etc.

Instead I want to access them using


So in my pages, I will be coding to use domain.com/Home.aspx instead of domain.com/mysiteName/sitepages/Home.aspx.

I thought this can be done using a URLRewrite in IIS. I am not sure how to accomplish this?


Their are couple of ways to cofnigure the Vanity URLs either OOTB(IIS) or 3rd party.

Configuring at IIS level: How to create vanity URL for sub site she is talking about the subsite but true for site as well.

  • Go to IIS.
  • Go to SITES right click and ADD a Web Site.
  • Name = SharePointVanityURLs (This is so the App Pool can be named this, and they will all share the one app pool to save memory, you will rename this site to your first redirected hostname later)
  • Create New Application Pool = SharePointVanityURLs
  • Physical Path = c:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\1stVanityName

  • Host Name: 1stVanityName

  • OK
  • Click on your new web site.
  • Right click and select RENAME and change the name of the web site to 1stVanityName.
  • In the Actions Pane click Edit Permissions – Add Authenticated Users and click OK.
  • Click on your new web site.
  • In IIS section click Authentication – disable anonymous (unless using it) – enable Windows Authentication.
  • Still focused on the Windows Authentication in the right pane click Advanced Settings and deselect Enable Kernel-mode authentication.
  • Click on your new web site.
  • In IIS section, click HTTP Redirect.
  • Check Redirect requests to this destination.
  • Enter your absolute URL to your sub-site without the home page entered.
  • Check Redirect all requests to exact destination.
  • In the right pane click Apply.
  • Click on your new web site.
  • Right click and select Manage Web Site – Restart.
  • Enter a DNS record for this new vanity URL or short URL with an IP address that points to your Web Front End server or if using Load Balancing your VIP address.
  • Flush DNS server cache and client cache if needing to test right away. Client is Command Prompt type IPCONFIG /flushdns .

Repeat steps above for each vanity URL, but the remain web sites on #4 select to use the existing App Pool “SharePointVanityURLs” instead of creating new ones.

Or Use 3rd party tools:

Jan Tielens’ URL Shortener Solution

SharePoint URL Shortener

SharePoint Joint Vanity URL

SharePoint ShortUrl

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