How can I create a site page with a watermarked image as background.

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Using CSS is a way to add an image as background to a SharePoint site-page. However, using CSS is only supported with classic pages, when you are using the modern lay-out, using CSS won't work for adding an image as a background.

Instead you can use supported way and navigate to site-settings -> change the look -> select a theme and on the page that appears, on the left-hand site, select a background image from your local computer.

When you are adding a background image this way, the image will also appear on the modern pages.


Watermarks are easy to create using following CSS.

Add the following to the HEAD of your site page. Change the URL of background-image.

    body { 
        background-image: url(image.gif); 
        background-repeat: no-repeat;
        background-attachment: fixed; 

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