I'm able to loop through a list on sharepoint and get the information I need from selected columns, but how would I loop through a list and get only distinct values from a column in C#. For instance lets get all the distinct values from a the email column?

I know I can foreach through the list

foreach (SPListItem item in List.getItems(querysp)
var itemID = item.ID;
var itemEmail = item["email"];

//more vars here



You can get Distinct values for email column from your SharePoint list using below mentioned code. i had showed how to insert the distinct email values in drop down list. you can change the code accordingly.

 SPList oList = SPContext.Current.Web.Lists["Your List Nmae Here"];
 SPQuery query = new SPQuery();
 query.Query = "<OrderBy><FieldRef Name='Email' /></OrderBy>";
 DataTable dtcamltest = oList.GetItems(query).GetDataTable();
 DataView dtview = new DataView(dtcamltest);
 DataTable dtdistinct = dtview.ToTable(true, "Email");
 ddl_names.DataSource = dtdistinct; 
 ddl_names.DataTextField = "Email";
 ddl_names.DataValueField = "Email";
catch (Exception exe)
 Response.Write("Exception at btn_binddropdown_Click :" + exe);
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I don't know if it is possible with CAML, but this should work:

var emails = List.getItems(querysp).OfType<SPListItem>().Select(item => "" + item["email"]).Distinct();
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  • whenever I post the values from emails into the console. I get the following value "System.Linq.Enumerable+<DistinctIterator>d__81'1[System.String" It's posted 5 times (number of items in the list is 5 when it should only be posted 3 times since there are only 3 unique emails) am I doing something wrong? – zingwing Apr 1 '15 at 17:25
  • You get an IEnumerable back. You could try ToList(), even ...Distinct().ToList().ForEach(Console.WriteLine) – eirikb Apr 1 '15 at 18:08

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