When I do some calls to SOAP services to SharePoint 2010 site (e.g. CopyIntoItemsLocal from Copy.asmx or CheckInFile from Lists.asmx) I get HTTP 403 Forbidden.

I suspect this is somehow requires specific authentication (like Digest in SharePoint 2013) in addition to standard HTTP credentials passing in response to HTTP 401.

Does anyone know how to handle it with pure HTTP calls?
I use WinInet in native C++ application - so no any specific JavaScript libs available

  • I should probably use Authentication.asmx service but I permanently get HTTP 500 in response to its Login method. – andrii May 6 '15 at 13:00

I have found root of the problem: I missed SOAPAction header. Weird but many other service methods work well without it. Regarding CheckOutFile method, there is some trick with checkoutToLocal - I haven't managed to make it work with checkoutToLocal=true. Should I first make check out with checkoutToLocal=false?.. don't really know

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