Does anyone know how you can change the background color of list fields same as it excel based on field value. value may be change by the time . I know several ways to do it by row or item record (by using conditionally formatting ) but this is specifically to be able to change value and applied conditional formatting based on the value of the field I have this sharepoint list that has around 200 rows and 40 columns.

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I could suggest two approaches here:

1.) Create a Data View Webpart in Sharepoint Designer.

2.) Create a Calculated column of type number and you can add html there.

I would suggest first one, because there are 40 columns and for the second approach you will have to create an extra column for each column.


Yes, HTML/JavaScript in a Calculated Column which colors the row, or cells might be an option for you.

This colors the row based on the Priority field (detailed explanation here)

&IF([Task Status]="Not Started" , "" ,
  &"<img src=""/_layouts/images/blank.gif"" onload=""{"
  &CHOOSE( RIGHT( LEFT( [Priority] , 2) , 1) , "fab" , "fda" , "9fa" )

If you want to access individual cells in a row you have to walk the Row with NextSibling JavaScript calls. Best approach is to write the JavaScript first in JSFiddle or Plunkr, once it works wrap the lines in &"" to stuff it in a Calculated Column

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