I have wrote a C# code which will update two custom attributes of User Profile(for all users). Values for those two resides in different database(not in active directory).

We need to run that c# code daily(every night). So which method is the best way to go. - Windows service or - Web service or - WCF or any other way.

Just want to know what is the best practice for updating user profile (automatically from other database) on daily basis.

Note: Our sharepoint architecture is a multi-tier and both Application and content database are in different servers.

Suggestion please. Appreciate your help.

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If it's in a database why not use the BCS to create an External Content Type? Then create a secondary import connection in the User Profile Service and have the properties updated when the Synchronization Timer Job runs?

If not then you could just run it as a Windows scheduled job. Heck, you could even ditch the C# for PowerShell.


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