I have a Content Search Web Part where I need to use the Office property of the User Profile. I can get the Department property and use it as filter property but can't get the Office property to select from the filter drop-down. Please see the image. enter image description here

Also, is there a way to use custom user profile properties to use for filter in Content Search Web Part?

Any suggestion in the proper direction is welcome.


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I used the New Managed Property in the end. Just created a New Managed property and this property I was able to use for filtering. Don't know if Office property is available by default but using new managed property just did the trick.


Just a suggestion: you should check the data quality for the "Office" field. It is a text value, usually synced from AD and often the quality is rather poor. If you will need high quality data I will suggest using the Office Location field which is a managed metadata field


All we need to do is type {User.name_of_our_property}

Eg: Managedproperty:{User.Office}

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