I have a task to create a Document Library in Sharepoint. I have done this several times. This particular site have a bit of a complex index structure. I am stuck on figuring out if it is even possible to do. I have one column (called Folder type) that is set up as a choice with several index option. I need to create another column (called Assigned) that is calculated display a choice of options based on folder type. So for example:

If in "Folder Type" the user chooses "Administrator" Then the column Assigned should provide a choice list of assigned choices. In this case a list of administrators to choose from. If they chose Jurisdiction they will see a list of the available jurisdictions to choose from.

I cant seem to get the formula right. Please help, otherwise I am forced to create individual columns for each Folder type, which can get messy.

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Changing the lookup dynamically requires you to do either client-side scripting or server-side scripting. From personal experience I would advise against this because scripts need to be maintained and creating them takes some effort.

With JavaScript an option would be the Cascading dropdowns function of SPServices

The SPCascadeDropdowns function lets you set up cascading dropdowns on SharePoint forms. What this means is that you can enforce hierarchical relationships between column values.

If you would create new content types you could however do something similar without programming.

Content types enable you to organize, manage, and handle content in a consistent way across your sites. By defining content types for specific kinds of documents or information products, you can ensure that each group of content is managed in a consistent way.

A content type can have many columns like Lookup or Choice. You would create a content type based on the Folder content type for "Administrator" and one for "Jurisdiction".

When both content types are added to your document library the user will be presented with a choice of one of these content types. After selecting a content type only the matching set of columns will appear.


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