<DocumentTemplate TargetName="/_layouts/CreatePage.aspx" />    

How could I set this using powershell?

$dst = [Microsoft.Office.DocumentManagement.DocumentSets.$dst.Update($true)]::GetDocumentSetTemplate("/_layouts/CreatePage.aspx")


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Maybe this will help?

#Upload new document template file from computer
$newTemplateFile = Get-ChildItem "C:\LocalPath\Test Document.dotx"
$templateFolderPath = $web.Url + "/" + $list.RootFolder.Url + "/Forms"
$templateFolder = $web.GetFolder($templateFolderPath)
$uploadPath = $templateFolder.Url + "/" + $newTemplateFile.Name
$spNewTemplateFile = $templateFolder.Files.Add($uploadPath, $newTemplateFile.OpenRead(), $true)

#Change list setting to the template file uploaded
$list.DocumentTemplateUrl = $uploadPath

Ref: updating template.doc in a sharepoint 2010 document library via powershell

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