What is the difference between a sharepoint site page and web page. In site contents I have the ability to create the page under site page or web page? Im looking for a good explanation between the too.

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There are two primary types of pages in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation. They are site pages and application pages. The following topic will discuss the differences between the two types of pages. Application and site pages both inherit their layout from the same master page.

Site pages are pages that are created, edited, and customized by end users. They are primarily used for the content in a site. Site pages come in two types—a standard page and a Web Parts page. A standard page contains text, images, Web Parts, and other elements. A Web Parts page contains Web Parts in Web Part zones. They have a predefined layout that uses Web Part zones. Both types of site pages are edited using a Web browser or Microsoft SharePoint Designer.

Application pages are used to support application implementations in SharePoint Foundation. Application pages are stored on the file system of the front-end Web server in the %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\14\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS directory and exist for every site in a Web application. This folder is mapped to an Internet Information Services (IIS) virtual directory called _layouts. Every site and subsite will have access to the application pages by using the _layouts virtual directory.

SharePoint Page Types

Introduction to sites, workspaces, and pages http://www.mcgladreyconsultingpros.com/sharepoint-create-page-vs-sub-site/


Anything you can do in Sharepoint can also be done in a web page. Think of sharepoint as a web page template that can be applied across the organization.

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