I have a custom list view grouped by 2 columns (Requester Company & Month - Year). In my view, I can see the grouping without any issues with the total against each group.

When I expand the first group (Requester Company), I can see the results within the group. No problems there. However the issue is when I click the tiny arrow of the inner group (Month - Year column) it does not expand and show me the list items. (Screen shot below)

enter image description here

It's clearly visible that Dec - 1899 has 5 items, when I click for the first time, screen sort of shows something and then it disappears.

Am i missing anything?

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Found the cause and the solution.

The cause was that the 2nd column (Month - Year) which is a calculated column, hence if there was no date in the source column, it shows 'Dec - 1899' as the calculated value. This was the culprit. I changed my formula to show 'No Date' if the source column is empty. and that fixed my expanding issue.

here's the updated formula:

=IF(Date="","No Date",TEXT(Date,"MMM")&" - "&YEAR(Date))  

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