I am trying to create a simple PHP script that uses oAuth and I seem to require the Tenant ID of my SharePoint Online account. I'm sure this is something very straight forward, but I can't seem to locate it.



I found this approach (blog.scoreman.net) easier:

Navigate to https://.sharepoint.com/_layouts/appprincipals.aspx. Identify the row with your registered application and look at the App Identifier column. The unique identifier after the @-sign in the App Identifier is the app realm. Copy the realm (not the whole App Identifier just the last part after the @-sign).


Tenant ID is nothing but SharePoint Online Site Realm.

You can get this by having a REST call to the site API.

Follow below steps:

Header: Authorization: Bearer

  • Get the Bearer realm component from the response header and save it.

Check the below post for complete step to be followed:


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