We want to restore a backup of our productive Sharepoint 2013 environment with all currently running Workflows on a new Sharepoint server. We found these manuals for ‘Workflow Manager Disaster Recovery’.

What we already did:

  • restored the needed databases (WFResourceManagementDB, WFInstanceManagementDB, SBGatewayDatabase, SBMessageContainer)
  • executed the cmdlets
    1. Restore-SBFarm
    2. Restore-SBMessageContainer
    3. Restore-SBGateway
    4. Add-SBHost
    5. Restore-WFFarm (FAILED!)
      Token provider returned message: ‘400The namespace ‘WorkflowDefaultNamespace’ does not have a valid issuer that can be used to issue tokens. Add a valid issuer with a valid signature to the namespace.
  • In the manuals we read, that we have to import the ServiceBus certificate from our productive environment. But we can’t find that certificate. With get-SBFarm we got the thumbprint, but there is no certificate on the server with that thumbprint.

    Can anyone help? Is there maybe another way to do this?

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