I have one doubt in Sharepoint REST service URI

http://server/site/_api/web/lists and http://server/site/_api/lists are same request, Am I correct? I mean both request returning same result.

_api/Web is SP.WEB

_api/site is SP.SITE

So when I am sending any request URI without /web/ is consider as web level request only?

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Since SharePoint REST endpoint http://server/site/_api/ returns service reference and http://server/site/_api/web returns an appropriate entry point ( SP.Web resource in this case) the specified requests are not identical. For example, the request:

http://server/site/_api/web/title will return SP.Web Title property

but the request:

http://server/site/_api/title will return the error:

Cannot find resource for the request title

From another hand, since _api/lists is an alias to _api/web/lists url, the following requests




will return the same SP.List resource.


Determine SharePoint REST service endpoint URIs

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