I created one custom managed property name SolutionName-Description and doing the full crawl after that.

The issue is it returns no result when I query by this managed property: SolutionName-Description:Test*

But when I remove the hyphen, it works. sharepoint does not allow "_" but the "-" is accepted in managed property name. any idea???


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You need to add quotation marks like this:


Keep in mind that if you're doing this, for example, in javascript code and construct a query with multiple parameters then you might also need to escape those quotation marks:

var searchQuery = String.format("{0}/_api/search/query?" + "querytext='(ContentTypeId:0x010100* AND \"additionalQueryText\")'&"+ "selectproperties='ListItemID,Title,ModifiedOWSDATE'&rowlimit={1}&startrow={2}", _spPageContextInfo.siteAbsoluteUrl, pageSize,currentPage * pageSize );


Don't use any special characters. In my experience it always appears that the query parser is breaking the query at the hyphen. It also negates the query term (using -term will remove results with that term).

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