I've tried escaping the ampersand using <![CDATA[]], html encoded characters but it doesn't return any results.

My query looks like

CAMLQueryOptions : "<QueryOptions><Folder>DocLibrary & Example/AFolder</Folder></QueryOptions>"

To get items in the AFolder folder, It works with all other document libraries that don't have an ampersand and it works

How do I escape it?

  • Try the Query using CAML Query Builder and make sure the query returns data. Commented Mar 18, 2015 at 15:03

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I've got two solutions for you:

  1. Replace the & with &amp;
  2. Use CDATA: <![CDATA[DocLibrary & Example/AFolder]]>

Apparently Its not an Issue with the ampersand. But with a sharepoint list naming. I changed the name list so even though in spservices i can change the list name via

listName: New list Name

I have to use the original list name in caml queryoptions like

CAMLQueryOptions : "Original List Name/AFolder"

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