I have a feature scoped to web. Every time i deploy my wsp using visual studio i have to manually go to the site feature and deactive and active feature to see my latest changes. Is there any setting i am missing to do it automatically.

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If you are using Visual Studio to deploy the solution check the Project property Active Deployment Configuration. It should be set to Default. Also verify that Site URL property is matching your web url.

If you really want to speed up your development process you can always use some 3rd party tool like CKSDev.


There is no automatic settings for this. Your easiest option is to use PowerShell script.

I normally use PowerShell script, then using Visual Studio -> Package WSP. Switch Window and Run the script which

  1. Retracts & Remove Solution
  2. Install new Solution file (from the bin\debug folder)
  3. Activate feature

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