Is it possible to prevent for a certain user group to restore a document from the version history?

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There are two permissions regarding Versions

  1. View Versions
  2. Delete Versions

If the user has only View Versions, then they cannot restore a previous version. However, if they have Delete Versions permission, then they can restore also. SO you may create a new Permission level and make sure that Delete Versions is unchecked. Then assign this permission level to the group.

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    This permission (Delete Versions is unchecked) does not work to prevent to restore the previous version if the user has add/edit item permission on the list/library. Is there any solution to prevent the restore previous version with add/edit items permission on list/library? Thanks Feb 13, 2020 at 12:07

For restoring a previous versions, the user/group require one of the following permission

  1. Full Control
  2. Contribute

So to prevent you can remove those permission for the users.

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