I need to retrieve the items/documents in a specific folder of our Office 365 hosted SharePoint site, but I always get an resource error. I'm trying to use the FILE REST API for this, documented here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/office/office365/APi/files-rest-operations

The url to the SharePoint site with the files is https://informationresourcemanager.sharepoint.com/irm/fido/1074/Forms/AllItems.aspx

and according to the MSDN documents the call should be

GET {base-url}/Files/{folder-id}/children

and "base-url" should in the case of SharePoint be


Now, I've tried 10 different combinations without getting any good results, so I guess I'm doing something wrong with the base-url or the site-path. Is the correct base-url this for my site


or just


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I recommend You to use GraphApi, better and MS recommends to use it too:

MS Docs GraphApi

and use it like this:

Library Folders https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/sites/<id>/lists/<LibraryName>/drive/root/children/<FolderPath>/children to get the folder contents. Find article here.


Use the one ending fido and add /_api/v1.0/files/root to the end.

This will give you the folders in the web. Including the url for your document library as a rest URL.

If you used the one ending in irm it would cause the rest api to run against that web rather than the fido web.


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