for managing contracts (collections of documents) I'm using a Document Library per contract. I will end up with hundreds (500+) of document libraries.

Is it possible to make custom views on the list of Document Libraries in a site? As far as I can see, they are listed as "boxes" (in the Site Contents page).

Can I let the user filter the document libraries by name or other properties?

Can I attach custom properties to a Document Library itself? (eg. the external ID of the contract, the customer name) Or are they to be attached to the content as columns?

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Yes it is possible to create custom view (custom filter and sorting).
These links are usefull and show how to do it:

What are SharePoint views? Learn how to use and create them
Create, change, or delete a view of a list or library

Yes, the user can interact with the column (by clicking on the column header) and filter and sort the view.

And yes you can create custom columns to a document library, take a look at these:
Create a Column in a SharePoint 2013 List or Library
Sharepoint 2013 : Add a Column to a List or Document Library

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I think I posted the original question in a confusing way, anyway I found the answer at this link: Create a custom CSS "sitecontents.css" and deploy it with a feature.

I haven't try yet.

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