I am setting up a new SharePoint 2013 environment and the customer is requesting that the detailed information from Active Directory (phone #, email, fax, etc.) be synced with the user information in SharePoint. He wants it so that when an employee clicks on a users profile, they can see the information that has been pulled from Active Directory. I have set up SharePoint a few times now and I have never had this request. Any guidance or advice is welcomed! Thanks in advance!

  • That's how it works already. No action needed. – Jussi Palo Mar 12 '15 at 7:10

Once User Profile Sync is setup then most of the mappings will be there, see http://www.harbar.net/archive/2013/02/18/Default-Active-Directory-Import-User-Profile-Property-Mappings-in-SharePoint.aspx


Try to use Active Directory Import feature in SharePoint 2013. Almost attributes can be synced to SharePoint user profiles.


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