I have created a sharepoint form library, with custom content type. I have an InfoPath form that creates with custom code a new items in library and copying some fields in to list columns using the allow edit properties in field's promotion.

The thing is that I only want users to edit the form using the form it self. By editing Edit Properties they can override all the rules I have applied in the form.

I know that this is happening because I have selected to promote fields to columns but I need this functionality too.

Is there any other way to disable Edit Properties?

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Depends on your version.

In WSS there was no "good" or "SharePoint" way of doing this. You'd have to copy core.js and modify it accordingly. After that create a new masterpage wich pulls in the new [copy]core.js. Rather crude. But Microsoft adviced on this (even for SP2010).

Starting with SP2010 you can do this by using "CustomActions". You can remove a button by emptying it's Definition. Microsoft has a walkthrough on this and there are many examples out there

Also Starting from SP2010 it is posible to do this in a control's code-behind using SPRibbon.TrimById()

For completeness: It is also possible to add/modify customActions using CSOM: Check SPWeb.UserCustomActions

Keep in mind, that you'd have to modify the context-menu, too.

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