I deleted Team Site Owners group from the top level team site in SharePoint Online and found that the people and groups link from the settings page is not working, throwing an error:

Group cannot be found.

How can this be corrected


I would re-create the Team site owner via the layouts page located at {yoursite}/_layouts/permsetup.aspx You can set the owners group to an existing group in this page, making it the default.

  • Hi Kevin, Thank you for the reply. The next day when I reopened the Team site, the people and groups link is working fine without showing the error. Team site owners group was found under Groups list in people and groups link. I am not sure what exactly happenend. Any comments? – king Mar 11 '15 at 18:10
  • Not sure what the cause of that could have been. Glad to hear it is working – Kevin Stone Mar 12 '15 at 21:18

You can open all groups with this URL: {siteURL}/_layouts/15/groups.aspx

Or you can create Owners, Members, Visitors groups for site:

  • Go to Site Settings > Site Permissions > Stop Inheriting Permissions
  • Rather than inheriting from parent site, create new group for site.

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