I am creating Shared folder and want to set permissions on it with SharePoint farm account and App_Pool Account as below:

$FullAccessAccounts = "domain\farm,domain\app_pool"
$ReadAccount = "domain\account3"

 New-Item $folderpath –type directory
    New-SMBShare –Name "MyFolder" –Path $folderpath –ContinuouslyAvailable $true –FullAccess $FullAccessAccounts -ReadAccess $ReadAccount

But i am getting following error, which i could not understand how to solve this?

New-SMBShare : No mapping between account names and security IDs was done.

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The documentation for the command is very poor concerning the required format for the IDs. If you modify your example and change the line:
$FullAccessAccounts = "domain\farm,domain\app_pool"
$FullAccessAccounts = ("farm","app_pool")
this will work:
New-SMBShare –Name "MyFolder" –Path $folderpath –FullAccess $FullAccessAccounts

Note that you have to omit the domain name.


I found another similar issue. The group I was try to use with Grant-SmbShareAccess had been renamed in the past. if I changed the variable to use the Group Name (pre-Windows 2000): value it worked. we are part of an enterprise domain that has been running since 4.0 days.

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Also check the accounts being assigned actually exist in the Active Directory, and there are no duplicate entries.

I found this PowerShell useful:

$ReadAccessUserList = $ReadAccessUserList | Sort-Object | Select-Object -Unique

Easy then to loop through, display the user list about to be implemented, remove any domain references if necessary, etc.

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