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I only have one web application. The root site is a team site. The mysite host site is installed at the managed path http://server/my which is a explicit managed path

I have also created another managed path for my sites. But Created a team site at the root and a mysite at http://server/my

The user can open the mysite but no site collection is created.

Self Site creation is turned on

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Make sure self-service site creation is turned on and configured for the web app hosting your mysite.


You cannot have the team site on root of the web application as per the Technet:

My Sites require that a site collection exist at the web application root (which is displayed as / in the user interface). Without this, you will receive a message that states that there is no site collection at the root when you try to enable self-service site creation for the web application. Because we recommend that you use a dedicated web application to host My Sites, you should use the root path for the My Site host collection unless you have a specific requirement to create the site collection deeper in the uniform resource locator (URL) path.

the reason why they need the MySite Host site collection on the root of the web app is decribed here:

Although not recommended, if you create the My Site host deeper in the path, it must be under an explicit inclusion managed path. Additionally, you must create a separate site collection at the web application root, although this site collection can be empty and created without a template.

The URL for a My Site host site collection

is shared by all users of the same User Profile service application. The URL for Newsfeed is http://hostname/default.aspx, and the URL for About Me is http://hostname/person.aspx, where hostname is the address of the site collection. For example, if you configure your My Site host site collection at http://contoso.com/my, users access their newsfeeds and profiles at http://contoso.com/my/default.aspx and http://contoso.com/my/person.aspx, respectively.



I created the sites using powershell and created a task schedule job to run daily.

More about the script

$site=new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite($MySiteRootURL);            
      $serviceContext = Get-SPServiceContext $site;            
      $upm = new-object Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.UserProfileManager($serviceContext);             
      if($upm.UserExists($Username) -eq $false)            
       Write-Host "User $Username was not found in the profile store." -f yellow;            
      $userProfile = $upm.GetUserProfile($Username);            
      if($userProfile.PersonalSite -eq $Null)            
       Write-Host "Creating MySite for user $Username" -f darkyellow;            
       Write-host "Successfully created MySite for user $Username" -f green;            
       Write-Host "User $Username already has a MySite." -f darkgreen;            
      Write-Host "Encountered an error creating a MySite for user $Username. Error:"$_.Exception -f Red;            

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