I have created a custom HTML/CSS accordion from the requirements of the site. Now i want to use my html/accordion on all sites, both current and future as default menu.

How can i make it so? I am site Admin, but this is a SharePoint 2013 Foundation solution.


You can apply CSS on Left Navigation in MasterPage. You can Create an accordion-style SharePoint Quick Launch menu with jQuery :-

 /*set dynamic css logic*/
 if($('#sideNavBox .menu-item.selected').length){
  //propagates the selected class, up the three.
  $('#sideNavBox .menu-item.selected').parents('li.static').addClass('selected');

  //collapses top siblings of selected branch
  $('#sideNavBox .menu-item.selected').parents('li.static').last().siblings()
   .find('> ul').hide();
 else $('#sideNavBox .root.static > li.static > ul').hide();

 /*set accordion effect*/
 $('#sideNavBox .root.static > li.static').each(function(){
    if($(this).children('ul').css('display') != 'none'){
    else {


    return false; //**<= add this one**


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