I have a Shortcut in SharePoint that points to an custom .NET EXE file: file://Bluesrv/GROUPS/HSE/Regulatory Compliance/ReCAP/StartApp/StartApp.exe. It works and it opens up with some annoying prompts. BUT I would like to add a command-line parameter to reference an INI file like I do in a desktop shortcut like this: "\\Server\GROUPS\HSE\Regulatory Compliance\ReCAP\StartApp\MyStartApp.exe" /cmd/inifile:"\\Server\GROUPS\HSE\Regulatory Compliance\ReCAP\StartApp\MyStartApp.ini"

How do I do that in a SharePoint Hyperlink? Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Just to understand your problem better, what do you mean by "SharePoint Hyperlink"? Is it any different than a standard HTML hyperlink? – Vivek Athalye Mar 3 '15 at 3:01
  • I guess not really. It's just a quick launch Hyperlink. – Dave Stuart Mar 3 '15 at 14:53

The answer is to put it into a batch file and reference that instead.

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