The tile layout is a new style that has been implemented in 2013 for most of the content being surfaced.

But it makes it difficult to quickly navigate when you have >25 lists and libraries. It would be much easier to have a list view (detailed view) like we had on 2010/2007. Any quick fix to achieve this and implement it across the site collections?


You can use following JS for this:

function HideTiles() {
  $("#applist .ms-vl-apptile").css({ "display": "block" });
  $("#applist .ms-vl-apptile").css({ "min-height": "50px" });
  $("#applist .ms-vl-appinfo").css({ "min-height": "50px" });
  $("#applist .ms-vl-appinfo").css({ "width": "500px" });
  $("#applist .ms-vl-appimage").css({ "height": "50px" });
  $("#applist .ms-vl-appimage").css({ "width": "50px" });

  $("#applist #apptile-appadd .ms-vl-appimage").css({ "width": "96px" });

  $("#applist .ms-vl-appimage a.ms-storefront-appiconspan").css({ "height": "50px" });
  $("#applist .ms-vl-appimage a.ms-storefront-appiconspan").css({ "width": "50px" });
  $("#applist .ms-vl-appimage a.ms-storefront-appiconspan").css({ "line-height": "50px" });

  $("#applist img.ms-storefront-appiconimg").css({ "height": "50px" });
  $("#applist img.ms-storefront-appiconimg").css({ "line-height": "50px" });

Then we need to actually make sure this gets executed. The problem here is that the Site Contents is rendered on-the-fly using JavaScript so we have to resort to a little Script on Demand to get this working.

$(function () {
  ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(HideTiles, “sp.ui.allapps.js”);

Then the only thing needed is to make sure this script gets dropped onto the page and this is done using a Custom Action (A delegate control could have been used with CSS style tags but that does not work in the Sandbox, i.e. Office 365)


All Credit for this code goes to Martin Hatch

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  • What does MJH.JSLink/MJH.AddCss.js refer to? – Ransher Singh Mar 2 '15 at 20:01
  • It refers your actual JS file in which you have saved above code. Its just an example name, you can use any name for JS. – 404 Mar 2 '15 at 20:03
  • Thanks, I will try this out, but still looking for any easier implementations for the same. – Ransher Singh Mar 2 '15 at 20:04
  • Where do you add the Custom Action? There does not seem to be any ability to edit the viewlsts.aspx page to add any webpart... – southskies Feb 16 '16 at 2:53

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