I want to create a shared folder using PowerShell and then want to set permission on it as follows:

  1. Farm account: Full access
  2. Application pool account: Full access
  3. Everyone or Authenticated users: Read

What will be the possible powershell command to accomplish this?

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  • what you mean by Shared Folder? is it under any document library? – Waqas Sarwar MVP Mar 2 '15 at 18:05
  • No, These folders will be created under physical drive like C:\ – SPBeginer Mar 2 '15 at 18:32
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here is the Create folder command:

New-Item "C:\Shared" –type directory

If you are creating multiple levels at once (like "C:\NewRootFolder\NewChildFolder\NewShared" you can add the –force switch to make it create all necessary parent folders in the heirarchy)

Now that you have a folder that you want to share, you can turn it into a shared folder using the New-SMBShare cmdlet.

New-SMBShare –Name "Shared" –Path "C:\Shared" `
 –ContinuouslyAvailable `
 –FullAccess domain\admingroup  `
 -ChangeAccess domain\deptusers `
 -ReadAccess "domain\authenticated users"

How to Create a Network Share with PowerShell 3


Don't think it's about SharePoint, but to share folder from cmd You don't need PS, You can use standard net share command:

@Echo off
ECHO Creating your sharing folder and network discovery
NET SHARE Upload=D:\Upload /GRANT:everyone,FULL
ECHO Your Upload folder is now available for sharing folder
NET SHARE Downloads=D:\Downloads /GRANT:everyone,READ
ECHO Your Download folder is now available for sharing folder

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