I'm writing a small js library to abstract away the annoyance and complexity of creating a CAML query.

In that regard, can you explain the significance of both FieldRef elements within a Join, when one must be necessarily implied by the other:

<Join Type='LEFT' ListAlias='customer'>
     <FieldRef Name='CustomerName' RefType='Id'/>
     <FieldRef List='customer' Name='ID'/>

The documentation clearly states (emphasis mine):

The field in the primary list must be a Lookup type field and it must lookup to the field in the foreign list. For this reason, all joins mirror existing lookup relations between lists.

Q: Shouldn't just the field in the primary list suffice to deduce the second field? Or am I missing a use case?


For a broader context:

In the js library I'm trying to simplify the join query so it would look something like the following:

var query = SPHelper.query().from("Orders")
              .join({on: "CustomerName", as: "customer"})
              .select(["OrderId", "customer.Address as CustomerAddress"]);

to generate the above CAML Join query + <ProjectedFields> and <ViewFields>, and have as much information as possible deduced from metadata.

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