I have a *.sharepoint.com tenant provisioned through singing up for Office 365. Is there a way to create a new user for the tenant using PowerShell (for SharePoint Online)?

This would normally be done manually by going to the admin panel and going through the options to create a new user (for O365 and Exchange, etc.).


This is done by the PowerShell Script New-MsolUser either by adding the user without a license:

-UserPrincipalName JWarner@contoso.com 
-DisplayName "Jamie Warner" 
-FirstName "Jamie" 
-LastName "Warner"

Or with a license

-UserPrincipalName DomTru@contoso.com 
-DisplayName "Dominique Trujillo" 
-FirstName "Dominique" 
-LastName "Trujillo" 
-UsageLocation "US" 
-LicenseAssignment "Contoso:BPOS_Standard"

Be sure to install the Azure AD Module first

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    Link to download the Azure AD module here (I was typing up an answer myself, then saw that someone already posted one) – wjervis Feb 27 '15 at 13:17

First, Install Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant.

Then, Run this Powershell :



$val = Get-MsolAccountSku |ForEach-Object {;$_.AccountSkuId;}
$mytnt = $val.Split(":")[0]

New-MsolUser -DisplayName "John Smith" -FirstName "John" -LastName "Smith" -UserPrincipalName john@mytnt.onmicrosoft.com -Department Operations -UsageLocation US -PassWord myPassword -LicenseAssignment $val

echo "User created successfully"


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