I am trying to create a textbox in info path form with following criteria:

1.) Length should be 1-50 characters .

2.) It should not contain any digits.

3.) It should contain only letters from the alphabet.

I tried the following pattern but it's not working

FieldName | does not math pattern | [a-zA-Z]{1,50} | or
FieldName | does not math pattern | .*[a-zA-Z].*   | 

following regex pattern work with allow special characters, but does not work in Infopath form

  • To set the maximum character for a text box, right click and go to Text Box properties and click the display tab. Look for the checkbox called "Limit text box to: x Characters". – Christoffer Feb 26 '15 at 7:54

Following Custom Pattern Work for me.....

Field Name | does not match pattern | [a-zA-Z]([ ]*[a-zA-Z])*

enter image description here

  • If any one can let me know how a text box can only accept number but not letters? – AIM4DREAM Apr 13 '18 at 17:04

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