Is there a way via powershell to check and see which items have a data refresh schedule configured for them? and If they don't proceed to create one? I can't seem to find much on working with powerpivot items using powershell.

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It turns out in order to create a new data refresh schedule there is a stored procedure in the PowerPivot Service Application Database called 'Persist Schedule'. Using this proc you can pass in the appropriate parameters and create the schedule.

exec [DataRefresh].[PersistSchedule] 
@NextProcessDate='2015-04-01 00:00:00',
@ScheduleStartDate='2015-04-01 15:40:19.837',

their is not too much in powershell for the PowerPivot. Especially related to schedule.

But their is a hacking way which is by the way NOT supported and note recommended for the Production farm.

In the PowerPivotServiceApplication database, you will see these two tables.

  • DataRefresh.Items
  • DataRefresh.Runs

The “Items” table holds each published PowerPivot workbook. The “Runs” tables holds the PowerPivot scheduled refreshes. In short; when adding a PowerPivot workbook registered in the “Items” table to the “Runs” table with status “W” (waiting) it will be run the next time the SharePoint job scans the table.



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