I'm working on a custom navigation webpart for SP2013 using the JSOM.

Currently, a part of fetching the data from the termstore involves fetching all the terms and then getting data from the respective taxonomy terms:

context.load(term, ['Title', 'FriendlyUrlSegment', 'Terms', 'Parent']);
taxonomyTerm = term.getTaxonomyTerm();

Later on in the code I can access the data from the taxonomy term via


This brings me to two questions:

  • Is this the right way to ask for the properties I want from the taxonomy term?
  • How can I optimize the above request by specifying the fields I'm after for the taxonomy term, how can I see what options I have?

Since SP.Taxonomy.Term exposes CustomProperties property you could replace the line:


with this one:


In order to optimize the request, you could specify explicitly what properties to retrieve for SP.Taxonomy.Term object via SP.ClientContext.load method, for example:


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