I'm trying to configure my SharePoint to allow SSL Offload. I have a My Sites Host web app created on port 80 (without SSL) and I have configured Alternative Access Mapping to support the SSL Offload:

Internal URL --------------------------Zone ----------Public URL for Zone
https://my.companyname.com -----------Default --------https://my.companyname.com 
http://my.companyname.com ------------Default --------https://my.companyname.com 

I'd like to obtain the following:

Client Network (Https) ----- Load Balancer ----- (Http) SharePoint Farm

The site can be viewed by the clients correctly, but my problem is that from within the SP farm network, when I navigate through the sites I sometimes get redirected to https and receive a "Page not found" (since the load balancer is here not involved).

How can I avoid the internal redirection without compromising the SSL Offload configuration?

  • did you try to access the site with Server name & port number? also try to create another URL and add that in the different zone(i,e intranet, internet) – Waqas Sarwar MVP Feb 24 '15 at 17:57

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