I have a lookup column in a List (A) which gets its value from a Single line of text in another List (B) where there is only a Title column. When sending out emails and I try to look up the value of the column in A which is retrieved from B, the formatting is weird.

Is it because the columns in A and B are linked, therefore leading to odd formats?

Lookup format in the email - [%Current Item:Application%]

Result in the email - 1;#Application

Suppose to be just Application

These are my options for Return field as: and they both return the same error.

  • As String
  • Lookup Value (as Text)

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Select the option for "Return field as" to Lookup Value, while selecting [%Current Item:Application%]

For reference, have a look at screenshot below.Instead of "As String", select Lookup Values,Comma Delimited

enter image description here

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