I'm looking at the audit log and when a contact is updated I see the very un-useful document location of Lists/Test List/1_.000.

Anyone know how to make sense of these cryptic entries?

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Those audit log entries are for list items. I can't tell you why they end up that way but I wrote some code that makes them pretty URLs:

const string LIST_ITEM_SUFFIX = "_.000";
if (docLocation.EndsWith(LIST_ITEM_SUFFIX))
   // this is a list item with the URL all garbled up at the end
   // does not seem to have anything to do with versioning
   StringBuilder newUrl = new StringBuilder(docLocation);
   newUrl.Remove(newUrl.Length - LIST_ITEM_SUFFIX.Length, LIST_ITEM_SUFFIX.Length);
   newUrl.Insert(docLocation.LastIndexOf("/") + 1, "DispForm.aspx?ID=");

You can view this list item by going to:


I'm not sure why but SharePoint spits out the useless URL that you posted when you try to get the ListItem url.


TestList = List Name
1_.000 = ID of list item, with some extra garbage added

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