Is it possible to force a link within a SharePoint site to open in a certain browser?

We have an online system that works best in Chrome. I've placed a link to this system in a library on our site - however, it will open in IE if that happens to be your default browser.

Ideally, a user would click the link and it would open in Chrome, but I've looked through the library settings and there seems to be no options related to "forcing a link to open in a specific browser."

Has anyone encountered this issue, and can it be solved within SharePoint? Thanks.


OOTB, SharePoint only opens in browser which is set as default.

However, if this customization is absolutely necessary,you can develop a server side web part in which you can generate a link.Clicking on which will execute Chrome.exe process and open the link in browser.

Code snippet to call Chrome.exe would be as follows:

System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("chrome.exe", "http://sp.path.to/your/file.doc")

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