From SharePoint 2013 -If I create a publishing sub site called "Media" and I want to customize the master page for all site pages within this Media sub site, what steps must I take to complete this without changing the administrative pages (i.e. pages in site settings, design manager, etc...). They all use olso.

I want a full customization (master page editing), of just the site pages within this specific sub site.

I may have 100 site pages within this sub site, and want them all to use a single custom master template. Nothing else in this sub site should use this custom master template.



I am assuming you already know how to go about customizing your master page.

To just set a custom master page for the application pages of the subsite, go to Site Settings --> Look and Feel --> Master page and from there change the Site Master Page from

Inherit site master page from parent of this site


Specify a master page to be used by this site and all sites that inherit from it

and select your custom master page from the dropdown. If you don't see your custom masterpage in the dropdown, make sure your custom masterpage is uploaded in the Site Settings --> Web Designer Galleries --> Master pages and page layouts gallery and is approved.

Doing the above will just change the masterpage for the application pages, the system/admin pages will still use the oslo masterpage.

  • These steps will chanage the Publishing pages - not the site pages (if community features are enabled inside a publishing site). I want to do the reverse...I want to change the master page for site pages only - not publishing pages. To back this up answer is also here - sharepoint.stackexchange.com/questions/110096/…
    – klewis
    Feb 20 '15 at 21:37

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