According to MSDN

Gets or sets the flag indicating whether a Term object can be used to tag in the tagging UI, but does not affect its visibility.

I am just confused and want to know what is tagging UI?

Can anybody explain little bit more the above definition?

  • I'm assuming the UI they are talking about is the picker on a managed metadata field. – Eric Alexander Feb 20 '15 at 13:52

By tagging UI MSDN documentation refers to TaxonomyWebTaggingControl ASP.NET web control that represents a generic Web control for picking managed metadata terms.

According to Using SharePoint TaxonomyWebTaggingControl control: Access and manipulate from client side, TaxonomyWebTaggingControl ASP.NET web control is a server side wrapper for Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.ScriptForWebTaggingUI JavaScript control from SharePoint client library (ScriptForWebTaggingUI.js).

The list of application pages that leverages Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.ScriptForWebTaggingUI contol:

  • /_layouts/TaxonomyTreePicker.aspx
  • /_layouts/TermStoreManager.aspx
  • /_layouts/WebTaggingDialog.aspx

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