This is for SP2010. I have a custom content type which has a column defined as a Number column type. For other business reasons, it does need to be a Number type, so switching it to "Single line of text" is not an acceptable option.

The trouble I have is, when this column is rendered in a form, a list, ect., the column is displayed using a comma for a thousands separator. My data is always a six-digit number, but is not intended to be displayed with a comma.

I see nowhere any means of supressing the display of a comma. I'm not aware of any "formatNumber()" sort of options for lists, but sure wish there was.

Is there any means of of forcing the display of a Number column to supress those commas?


One way to address the comma appearing on a list view would be to add a calculated column that returns the number column's value as a single line of text, then show the calculated column in the list view.

This would not address the comma appearing on the display form.

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You can use conditional formatting for data views.

Apply conditional formatting to a Data View


You could also create another column that holds the text value.

Displaying numeric fields in SharePoint 2010 without commas


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