ListView Webpart showing 'My Goals' list

Hi Folks,

Please refer the Image. There are two views available for this list. (All Tasks and Active)

I've displayed this list in a page(sitepages\sample.aspx) using listview webpart. I'm able to associate only one view either 'All Tasks' or 'Active'.

By Default, When I select 'All Tasks'(check attached img) it will take me to 'Lists\AllItems.aspx' page Or If 'All Tasks' view is the current view then when I select 'Active' it takes me to 'Lists\Active.aspx'. I don't want this to happen.

What I want to do is, When I select 'All Tasks' it should display all the tasks/items in the same listview webpart (or) on the same page(sitepages\sample.aspx). Also, when I select 'Active' view it should display contents in the same listview webpart (or) on same page(sitepages\sample.aspx).

FYI: This sample.aspx will have multiple lists on it.

Please let me know about the possibilities on this..


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I've figured out a workaround for this..

Many Thanks to Ashok Raja for his post..


All Tasks

I've Added 'All Tasks' and 'Active' views of a list into a tab as followed from the above post.

This is really a good stuff :)


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