I have a list of employees with a birthday date/time field in the format of mm/dd/yyyy. I want to create a filter that will show me employees that are having a birthday in the current month. How would I do this? I am using SharePoint 2007.

Thanks for your help. Scott


For this you have to use Calculated column.

  1. Specify a column name (use like BirthdayThismonth)

  2. For type select “Calculated based on other columns”

  3. For the formula use

    =IF(MONTH([Today])=MONTH([birthday date]),"Yes","No")

So now your column will contain either value Yes or No based on Calculated field.

  1. Now create a new view with filter where BirthdayThismonth is equal to Yes.

This will get you all items having birthday this month

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    Thank you for the response. When I use the formula above I get "Calculated columns cannot contain volatile functions like Today and Me." and it will not let me save the column. Any suggestions? – Scott Feb 18 '15 at 14:41

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